Anatomy of the Play: Western Michigan

Anatomy of the Play: Western Michigan

I'm still in shock by what just happened. What did just happen?

Michigan is playing a diamond across the blueline to prevent this exact kind of play. DeBlois is at the top with Selman on the left, Serville on the right and Downing at the bottom. Pitt beats DeBlois at the blueline but still has numbers behind him, so it's not a big deal.

Selman takes an aggressive angle and misses the stick check, leaving space between him and Downing for Pitt to slip through. Downing has position so as long as he backskates and stays square with Pitt we're still OK.

Downing goes for the body check, misses and knocks Selman out of the play.

There's no chance for Serville to get around and help. Zach Nagelvoort is all alone and that will do it.


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